The assignment was to critique a site for its usability from its organizational structure and apply some best practices of user interface structural patterns in a quick redesign.


  • Assignment for UI Design Patterns for Successful Software course
  • Objective: Critique ecommerce site on its use of organizational patterns. Redesign problematic patterns to fit recognized best practices.
  • UI skills demonstrated: Visual hierarchy, top navigation, spacing of elements, adding obvious controls to slideshow, rearranging mega menu into discernible structure
  • Time Spent: 45 minutes
  • Tool used: Figma


I hope that the designer of this site isn’t attached to their design. As a designer, I…

This UX research and design project came about from a combination of experience taking my kids to the doctor and a product design exercise suggestion from Artiom Dashinsky’s weekly newsletter (which you should totally subscribe to!) His challenge was to redesign the check-in experience at the doctor. I wanted to go beyond just checking in and look at how a patient’s communication with receptionists, nurses and doctors are recorded and shared (or not) and how that could be improved.


  • Personal Project in the medical space
  • Objective: Look at how patient communications with staff from appointment booking through the doctor’s evaluation…

FamilySearch is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people discover their family tree. Because of diasporas throughout human history spanning the globe, a person’s family makeup is complex and likely touches several countries speaking different languages. FamilySearch has a goal to make all historical records searchable regardless of language spoken. For FamilySearch’s first ten languages, this was challenging, but straightforward. Expanding the site into an additional 30+ languages in a single year was challenging enough, but there also had to be content in those languages.


  • Company: FamilySearch
  • Objective: Get more content to international users faster by using machine translation wherever…

Most of my career has been spent building and managing tools designed to be used for fellow employees to aid them in creating marketing content, build the company website and access creative assets. For the first bit, I created training documents and videos to aid users in navigating the tools. View and download numbers showed that the tool was only being used by a small percentage of users. I wanted to discover where my users were coming from, and meet them there, becoming a bridge for them to accomplish objectives and achieve company goals.


  • Company: NuSkin Enterprises
  • Objective: Increase usage…

Chris Manning

UX Designer/Researcher, problem solver, creative thinker. I enjoy hiking, games (video, board, card, party), reading, and learning. Husband and dad.

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